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last updated:03.01.2011
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Note on the corporate dynamics of the intervention and aid industries
Members of the Aceh Monitoring Mission destroy rifles

The Aceh Monitoring Mission in Indonesia displays the public destruction of weapons handed in by the separatist rebels. The press photo shows such a public ceremony. It demonstrates the total isolation of this mission from the socio-economic context and an insufficient integration of the indigenous population in the process.

Looking at the scene one notes that two ex-pats clad in splendid protective gear representing EU-norms are busy with the modest task of rendering two guns unusable. In the background behind a rope a broad mix of locals looks on as the two expensive high-tech ex-pats handle two cutting wheels.

If this was not a promotion event of the BOSCH Company for its latest cutting wheels, then this episode has cost a five-digit sum out of the EU-budget. The result was a scene, which smacks of a colonial celebration, where the indigenous population is assigned to look on.

Local craftsmen would have been able to render these guns unusable with simple tools for a small fraction of the sum actually spent. But this would have disturbed the reproductive logic of the intervention bureaucracy and the aid industries.