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Curriculum vitae: Peter Lock

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Profession: independent researcher (social sciences, economics)
Nationality: German
Status: married, two daughters
Year of birth: 1941


Academic degrees: Diploma (sociology and economics) Free University in Berlin (1969), doctoral degree (political science, intern. relations) at the Free University of Berlin (1979).

Key qualifications: Extensive research experience covering a broad range of fields such as: economics of the military sector including arms trade and the issue of small arms in particular; civil-military relations; economic development i.e. history of cacao (in the South); (economic) causes of conflicts, problems of systemic transformation, Russia in particular, the changing character of wars, the economy of violence and wars, and most recently "privatisation of security" as a global trend.
Most of the research projects were empirically oriented such as a comparison of industrial competitiveness and the military sector, civilian and military technology, the evolution of military sectors in different countries; other lines of research were the dynamics of arms transfers and since the early nineties the role of small arms, international embargo (South Africa); the military sector and late-coming industrialisation (case studies Brazil, South Africa, Israel), the dynamics of militarisation, advertisements for weapons of war, critique of the concept of peace dividend; self-reliance and development in Ecuador, most recently the crisis of restructuring defence industries and the economies of on-going armed conflicts.
Experience in co-operative research, also international, as reflected in a large number of joint (co-authored) publications. Active international networking; participation in many study groups: IDDS fighter study group, CREDIT network, BASIC small arms network, expert group on firearms control UN Department of Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice (1996/97), METDAC 1997 onwards and close links with French researchers, CIRPES in particular.
Experience in administration, research co-ordination, fund raising, journal editing and organisation of workshops and conferences.

Grants received: During the last 25 years I received a large number of research grants from the German Research Council, the German Society for Peace and Conflict Research, the Berghof Foundation for Conflict Research, the Ford Foundation, UNESCO, Foundation Peace and Development, the Volkswagen Foundation, German Society for Technical Co-operation among others.

Consultancies: Deutscher Entwicklungsdienst, UNESCO, World Council of Churches, Committee on Apartheid of the Security Council of the UN, DG XII of EC, Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit, Gemeinsame Konferenz Kirche und Entwicklung, ASI-NATO, ICRC, member of an international expert group at the UN Department for Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice for a mandated international study on firearms control; external referee for chapters of the SIPRI Yearbook and the Small Arms Survey; external referee for the 3-year program of the German Ministry for Economic Co-operation to combat the illicit availability of small arms.

Positions: Presently independent researcher and research co-ordinator of EART e.V., summer term 2000: professor at the University of Kassel (international relations –Vertretungsprofessur); executive secretary of the European Association for Research on Transformation (EART e.V.) under a grant of the Berghof-Foundation for Conflict Research with a non-permanent office in Moscow. 1993 to 1996 senior researcher at the Institute for Political Science at the Free University of Berlin; editor-in-chief (and fund raising) of MILITÄRPOLITIK DOKUMENTATION 1978-1994. 1989-1992 research co-ordinator at the Berghof Institute for Peace and Conflict Research; 1980-1989 assistant lecturer at the University of Hamburg and research co-ordinator of the Research Unit on Wars, Armaments and Development; during this period additional teaching assignments at the University of Bremen (2 terms), University TH Hannover (1 term), guest professor University GH Kassel (1 term); 1975-1979 researcher at the Institute for Peace and Security Studies at the University of Hamburg in its separate unit Arbeitsgruppe Rüstung und Unterentwicklung and assistant lecturer (international relations); 1972-1974 researcher at the research unit of the German Association of Scientists (VDW); 1969-1972 deputy representative of the German Voluntary Service in Ecuador; project evaluation in several Latin American countries; 1967 field research in Ecuador on the economics of colonisation, 1966-1969 research assistant at the institute for sociology in Berlin.

International activities: Since 1974 frequent participant at Pugwash Conferences and Symposia, the most recent were on brain drain from Eastern Europe in Rehovot and Stockholm, the 1996 and 1999 annual conferences in Finland and South Africa. Delegate to the Amaldi conference in 1996. Member of the expert group on firearms of the United Nations Department of Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice (1997/1998); member of the fighter aircraft working group of IDDS (Boston) and the CREDIT network (London), close working relations with French scholars (CIRPES, CDRPC Lyon) specialising in military-industrial issues. Member of IPRA, active participation in the seventies and eighties, member of study groups of ISA as well as DVPW. Founder and coordinator officer of the European Association for Research of Transformation which aims at supporting independent social science research in Russia. Apart from the Permanent Workshop in Moscow close links have been established with the Centre of Independent Social Research in Saint Petersburg. Lectures at UNAM (Mexico).

Additional NGO activities: Editor-in-chief of Militärpolitk Dokumentation (1978-94), a quarterly journal in German which was published between 1976 and 1994 supplying the peace movement with important military background information. Campaign against the advertisement of military weapons, small arms in particular.

Foreign languages: English (fluent), Spanish (fluent), French (fair), Portuguese (reading only), Russian (still improving).